©Eddy Quinn


Children out for their first bike ride

Raised pussy willows in the air

Scattered bottles on the roadside

And other things the snow left there

   Through the months of cold and dark

   Winters pass and leave their mark

But you soon forget the sting when you hear the robins sing

Of what the summer months will bring


Rusty wire in a strand

Around black spruce that are peeled

And driven in the ground by hand

To keep cattle in the field

   Calves born back in winter's chill

   Nurse while mothers graze their fill

Of pasture green from April rain, kept their winter on the grain

That the summer months would bring


   Soon there'll be folks from away

   They'll enjoy themselves and stay as long as they can

   And I know while I have my health

   No matter how you measure wealth, I am a rich man


A red dirt lane I will drive down

To a slightly rundown home

Greeted by a friendly hound

Who doesn't like to be alone

   Never fails to make me smile

   Or remind me when I was a child

When I could never wait for spring, I was always wondering

What the summer months would bring


And I'm reminded every spring that I owe everything

To what the summer months will bring