I'm Not Old Yet!

is probably my most popular CD.

I'm proud of this collection which features some of the best tracks from

"Reel in the Flickering Light"

and "Call Up All the Neighbours".







  1. When it Comes My Turn - David Myles' International Songwriting Contest winner is the title song, and  it feels like he wrote it for me!

  2. Lucky Star - Sometimes we don't recognize how fortunate we are.

  3. Red Haired Girl - Mark Haines' tribute to Lucy Maud Montgomery's "Anne of Green Gables".

  4. I was first introduced to David Malletts' Ballad of the St. Anne's Reel by "Irish Rovers" founder Will Millar when he was living in PEI in the early 80's.  We listened to it on an old John Denver album, and I've been performing it ever since.  Richard Wood's fiery fiddling combined with the sneaky minor turn along the way make this my favourite version of the song.

  5. Loch Lomond has become an anthem epitomizing the pride of the Scots.  It is truly a privilege to have had Scott MacAulay, one of the world's greatest pipers, percussionist Brad Fremlin, and the fine voices of "A Joyful Sound" contribute their power to this cut.

  6. Lennie Gallant's Open Window is made into a gem with my son-in-law Todd MacLean on the saxophones, and my old pal Rollie Hardie on the drums.

  7. If I Was a Dog was written by Colm Gallagher.  It's always way too much fun to sing his ever so clever lyrics and to have everyone singing along, especially children.  This cut features my daughter Siobhán when she was 6 years old.

  8. Dancing We Would Go written by Stewart MacNeil of the Barra MacNeils is such fun when you add Richard Wood and Cynthia MacLeod, two fiddlers "of high renown" as the lyrics state.  This was the title song of my earlier CD "Call Up All the Neighbours!"

  9. Cockles and Mussels is one of the first songs many of us ever learned to sing.  For me, it was in Grade 4 Music class.

10. I've been a Prince Edward Islander "on purpose" since 1978, but my Saskatchewan birth certificate makes me terminally "from away".  The gifted and witty Carmichaels always made me feel at home here.  Not an Islander is one of Margie's gifts.

11. Irish Polka Medley, played here on the mandola, is comprised of "Johnny Ryan's", "the 42 Pound Cheque", and "Dennis Murphy's".  In the movie "Titanic", you may recall this being played at the crew party in the scuppers of the ship just before it sank.  It goes over very well when I play it aboard the ferry to Nova Scotia.

12. Nellie J. Banks was written by Lennie Gallant in 1980.  He let me record it in 1984.  It was never recorded by Lennie himself until the live version on his 2015 album "Searching for Abegweit".

13. Reel in the Flickering Light is a great fantasy and was the title song of my album by the same name. "Hull's Reel" at the end was chosen as a tribute to one of Atlantic Canada's finest talents, the late John Morris Rankin.

14. There's no better way to "get 'em going" than to launch into Lord of the Dance.  Betcha gotta sing along!

15. Seize the Day pretty well sums it up for most of us as we learn to recognize how much of a gift we have been given with this life.

16. I have lead audiences in the refrain of Steve Sharratt's Prince Edward Island Shanty all over the world, using it to invite and/or welcome them to our beautiful Island.


Gordon Belsher - Guitars, Vocals, Bass, Mandola, Bodhrán, Hand Percussion, Programming

Charlene Belsher - Vocals 1,3,5,12,16

Savannah Belsher - Vocals 6, 16

Siobhán Belsher - Vocal 7

Richard Wood - Fiddle 2,4,8,13,15,16;  Piano 5, 9

Cynthia MacLeod - Fiddle 8,9,14

Brad Fremlin - Piano 4; Snare Drum 5, 16

Jill Harris - Celtic Harp 9,13,15

Scott MacAulay - Highland Bagpipes 5

Todd MacLean - Saxophones 6

Rol Hardie - Drums 6, 12

Dale DesRoches - Drums 8

"A Joyful Sound" directed by Owen Aylward - Choral Vocal 5


Recording Produced by Gordon Belsher

Cover Portrait - Louise Vessey

Other cover photos - Siobhán Belsher

Graphic Artwork - Charlene Belsher