I was asked to join brothers Bill & Rollie Hardie, formerly of Willie and the Walkers, when they  formed a new group called Shinto. The band played around Alberta, and had an old 1947 Brill Car bus for travel.  It was equipped with bunks, and a table as well as lots of room for gear.


When the Brill gave up, it was replaced by a similar blue school bus which we called "Earl".  We drove it to New Jersey where we played at Tony Mart's in Ocean City.  My wage for the "tour" was Bill's Fender Precision bass, which was grey/green at the time.


After Shinto, Will MacCalder (who later became a founder of Powder Blues) reformed The Walkers with drummer Rollie Hardie, guitarist Steve Palmer, and myself on bass.



I painted the Fender with a British flag design. (Later stripped it down to the bare wood finish, but it was fun at the time)








At this point I was also enrolled at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology in a program called "Radio & TV Arts".


Joined a dance group called "Patch" later in 1971.











December 30, 1972

married Charlene Drouin